A MAZE. / Berlin 2022

11th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Passing By

Passing By - Game Trailer

by Studio Windsocke (Germany)

Genre: 2D puzzle platformer, survival game, adventure

Set in a beautiful low-poly world of floating isles and a never-ceasing west wind, Passing By allows you to embark on a memorable journey as Curly, a young balloonist, who is tasked with delivering a mysterious letter.

In this genre hybrid of 2D puzzle platformer, survival game and adventure, you can explore the world at your own leisure, travelling from island to island via balloon ship and solving various puzzles while having to manage your resources in order to survive. Five unique biomes with eight colourful islands are waiting to be discovered.

But remember: since the west wind only ever blows in one direction, once you decide to leave an island, this means goodbye for good. Think carefully before you board your balloon ship - are you prepared to make the long trip through the clouds towards an unknown destination?

"The journey is its own reward. May your burner always warm you and the west wind ever favour you!"

Platform: PC, Mac