A MAZE. / Berlin 2022

11th International Games and Playful Media Festival


by A.M. Darke (United States of America)

Genre: Interactive Speculative Fiction

Automated decision making has come to govern our lives in everything from credit ratings to criminal convictions. Through the fictional Fairly Intelligent™ artificial intelligence program, A.M. Darke invites people to confront the bias and prejudice embedded into these algorithmic systems. After a brief introductory assessment, participants are invited to be a part of the system, where they can improve it from within. The AI delivers a series of witty and biting questions along the way, nudging people to consider if, despite its influence on our lives, the universal approach to AI might be broken at a fundamental level?

Deliberately imbuing their AI system with their own personal biases, Darke exposes how algorithms are simply an extension of the people who programmed them in the first place. In response to corporate tech initiatives that seem to advocate for inclusion through the extraction of more data, fairlyintelligent.tech challenges the presumption that "intersectional" mass surveillance is a social good.

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