A MAZE. / Berlin 2022

11th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Blossom La Jirafa Saga

Blossom la Jirafa Saga (Trailer Oficial)

by Ariel Sayán (Argentina)

Genre: Adventure

Blossom is a small Giraffe who lives in captivity inside the private Zoo of an unscrupulous and frivolous hunter who catches animals as a hobby. Our heroine dreams of returning to her home, suddenly she manages to open her cage! Thus begins his escape to Freedom. Help her escape from the Zoo in part 1 and through the City, through the Subway until she gets the Boat that will help her complete her journey in part 2. With Graphics, Gameplay and Original Soundtrack tribute to the first home consoles, we invite you to be part of this very fun and wild adventure. Blossom la Jirafa is a fun platformer where we will guide our intrepid protagonist running and jumping obstacles on her way to freedom, along with a fun runner in its first part.

Platform: PC, Android Phone, Android Tablet