A MAZE. / Berlin 2022

11th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Betrayal At Club Low

Betrayal At Club Low - Teaser Trailer

by Cosmo D (US)

Genre: adventure, RPG

Tonight you’re on a surprise mission at the inimitable Club Low. This former coffin factory-now-nightclub has, for years, been a beacon of nocturnal energy, a haven for wild-limbed dancing, mind-altering music and shady characters aplenty. It's also a place to prove your skills as an undercover agent. An old colleague of yours is trapped inside the club, caught up in an Intel-gathering mission with a notorious business captain. Your mission is to sneak into the club incognito and get him out of there before he blows his cover. Can you do it?

Betrayal At Club Low evokes the feel of a “one-shot” tabletop RPG in digital form. It offers up a surreal setting, tactile dice-driven gameplay, and tense decisions at every turn. There are multiple ways to approach your mission, and eleven possible endings based on your choices along the way.

Platform: PC